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Established in 1997 Shane Breedt, Spearfisherman
and owner of Freedivers, started manufacturing
Freedivers premium spearfishing gear. The
passion and determination to produce a product
that would suit top class professional spearos,
became the drive to develop equipment that’s not only quality but durable. These fine crafted spearguns are extremely accurate and quiet when fired; a big plus when hunting reef fish. Further development followed with the introduction of the "Freedivers" range of high tensile spring steel spears.  Freedivers products are developed with extensive
testing by SA’s top divers in the harshest conditions prior to being put on the market. 

 Company History
Mike Hickey, the USA Distributor for FreeDivers, is also a South African Spearo. Mike was the 2006 US National Spearfishing Champion. He competed on the American Team in 2007 at the Pan Americans and for the 2008 Worlds held in Venezuela. Mike has been using Freedivers products for years and is proud to be able to offer this premium spearfishing gear to the freediving community here in the States.
USA Distributor
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Located in Sunrise, Florida, Mike and Jill Hickey launched their USA Freedivers site on June 06, 2010.  They are dedicated to providing the best spearfishing supplies and equipment made. They are proud to represent one of the most reputable companies in the world who thoroughly test everything they sell to you, the fellow freediving and spearfishing enthusiast.

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